US Cellular Makes Ill-Fated Choice For 1xRTT Brand Name

US Cellular Corp named their data service “Easyedge”, which has caused some legal problems for the carrier: Regional carrier and AT&T Wireless affiliate, Edge Wireless, has succeeded in getting an injunction in USCC’s use of “Edge” in Edge Wireless markets until rights to the term “edge” are resolved. Now, let’s just forget that there is a carrier named “Edge Wireless” in some USCC markets… Let’s just consider that USCC launched “Easyedge” 1xRTT last year, at a time when the next evolution of GSM technology was known to be something called EDGE. Why did they choose a name inherently related to a competing technology? That’s like Microsoft naming their next OS “MacIntOS”. Time to at least fire the brand creation consultants.

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