Can Intel Become King Of The Wi-Fi Frontier?

While many people have written about how Intel was a bit slow to the WiFi game, and how they’ve made some mistakes that have helped keep them less competitive with folks like Broadcom, the game certainly isn’t over yet, and Intel’s next push to put WiFi into desktop chipsets have some wondering if they’ll finally start shoving aside their competitors. Lots of people can speculate one way or another, but I think there’s an interesting (somewhat unexplored) angle here. While most WiFi focus is on portable devices, adding WiFi to desktops could have some interesting unintended consequences. People who otherwise wouldn’t set up a WiFi network may be more encouraged to, if it makes it easier to network their desktop machine. Once more networks are in place within the home, it also opens up the potential for additional uses of the home network, such as within consumer electronics.

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