Here Comes Digital Cinema

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We’ve been hearing about it for years, but it appears that movie theaters are finally starting to go digital. Better yet, it sounds like they’re doing so for the actual advantages of digital, rather than the ridiculous perceived value that was being hyped up a few years ago. Sure, the picture is nicer, but most people find today’s movies “good enough” – and some people have even claimed they don’t like digital cinema since they believe they can see artifacts like jagged edges. However, the theaters that are going digital are realizing that it means they have much more flexibility with content. They’re not just showing movies, but also are showing live sporting events and music concerts which can be delivered digitally in real-time. Also, as smaller theater chains, like the independent Landmark chain (now owned by dot com billionaire Mark Cuban) go digital, it will open up new opportunities for new filmmakers to get their films shown without going through the big Hollywood gatekeepers distributors. While the big Hollywood studios focus on the wrong things, it appears that movie theaters are beginning to figure out what’s happening.

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