Spying On Your Kids Is In For 2004

from the raising-the-paranoid-generation dept

It’s no secret that most new mobile phones come with location-based technology included – whether using GPS or some triangulation method around the nearest cell towers. While some were afraid that this would mean annoying text message spam or that the police would be able to spy on your whereabouts thanks to the E-911 problem – instead, it looks like people are just going to be spying on each other, with special emphasis being paid to the ability for parents to spy on their kids. Now, I can certainly understand the desire to keep tabs on your kids, but constantly spying on them seems counter productive. It certainly doesn’t give them much confidence in their own ability to make decisions without having their parents looking over their shoulders all the time. Treating your kids like prisoners with location ankle-bracelets seems likely to, well, make them act more like prisoners, rather than kids. Now, clearly, this technology wasn’t around when I was growing up, but I still appreciated the fact that my parents trusted me to do the right thing when I was away from home. It made me feel more comfortable since I knew that they felt comfortable enough with my decision making ability.

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Comments on “Spying On Your Kids Is In For 2004”

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Katie says:

Lazy parents

This technology isn’t intended for kids who aren’t trustworthy, it’s intended for parents who are lazy. I knew plenty of kids who would just leave for a weekend, never tell their parents, and go get drunk and laid and party. Most often their parents didn’t even bother looking. This technology would probably help in those situations. However, i don’t think spying on your kids at all times is really logical. It’ll just make them want to break the rules even more, and they can always leave their phones at home.

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