One Half Of All Street Crime Involving Mobile Phones?

from the time-for-the-mobile-phone-stun-gun dept

Over in the UK they’ve decided that it’s finally time (no, really, this time we mean it!) to crack down on mobile phone theft. The interesting factoid to me, was the claim that approximately half of all street crime in London now involves a stolen mobile phone. That seems awfully high. Now, though, the government has put money towards stopping the problem. They say that they’re going to try to make it impossible to use stolen mobiles overseas. While they can be blocked within the UK, thieves are simply sending them off to other countries where they can be used instead. I still like the idea that the Dutch police used of sending SMS messages to stolen phones every 3 minutes saying: “This device is pinched. Purchase or sale is an offense – the police”. Of course, the other option is to put more enforcement power into the hands of users. When will Nokia be coming out with a combination mobile phone/stungun?

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