3 Blames Lack Of Competition For Weak Performance

Well, the latest excuse to come from the folks at Hutchison’s 3 for their dismal performance apparently has nothing to do with the fact that they completely overhyped a ridiculously expensive offering that wasn’t ready for prime-time. Nope. Instead, the reason that 3’s sales have been so dismal is that there hasn’t been any competition. Now, there are certainly times when competition does help drive a market, but most companies find that it’s an advantage to being first-to-market with certain new technologies. It gives them a temporary monopoly – which a smart company learns how to take advantage of. If 3 needed competition so badly to succeed, why did they rush out their offering so early? Basically, they’re now admitting that they don’t know how to sell the service they’ve been hyping for so long, and need to wait until someone else comes along and shows them how.

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