Smartphones Too Smart For Email

One of the things that excites users about smartphones is the ability to use email on the go. However, they’re discovering that it’s not particularly easy to do so, leading to all sorts of frustrations. Carriers pushing subscribers to move up to smartphones could do a much better job in helping users access their email or giving them clearer instructions. Of course, this is the type of problem that occurs when there are a lot of hands in the mix. You have different devices, different carriers, different ISPs and different users – and each may cause different configuration problems. Still, if the industry is really to push forward with smartphones, then they need to do everything possible to make them as easy to use for the applications that everyone wants to use.Addendum from Derek: …different e-mail client software, different e-mail systems (POP3, IMAP, etc.), different security provisions, e-mail relaying prevention, and more. Ugh. Been through all the problems these can create, but when if finally works – Nirvana. That’s where Blackberry shone early on – they made it easier and simpler.

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