Forget The Lump Of Coal, We're All Getting Spam For The Holidays

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It’s the holiday season, and that can only mean… more spam? That’s right, it shouldn’t be any surprise, but spammers are gearing up to send out even more spam for the holiday season. Of course, this is ridiculous. It’s not actually the holiday season that’s causing more spam, but it’s an excuse for more spam. If you hadn’t noticed, spam has been increasing consistently, no matter what the season. Earlier this year, we pointed out that spammers would pick up on a random news story as an excuse to send more spam. So, yes, of course we’ll be seeing more spam for the holidays, but it’s just the latest reason for spammers to bump up the number of annoying messages they send us.

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Comments on “Forget The Lump Of Coal, We're All Getting Spam For The Holidays”

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Tony Preston says:

Happy with my filter...

Spam? what is that? In the last 20 days I have had to handle about 1 per day, the rest have filtered by K9. I use a small whitelist for family and friends with everything else being processed by a baysian filter. I get hundereds of spam (the side effect of having my email on my webpage at one time) but it all gets filtered. It seems that the spammers are no longer successful. It even was picking up the MSBLASTER emails and labeling them as spam after I trained it!

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