Disappearing Ink Is Cutting Edge

from the toy-to-technology dept

We’ve all been waiting and waiting for digital paper, and it doesn’t look like it’s coming anytime soon. Maybe all we really need is disappearing ink technology to save paper. Toshiba has developed an ink that when heated, disappears. They plan to sell the opposite of a printer, a device that erases your printed pages at a rate of 100 pages/hr. Isn’t that what you always wanted for Christmas?

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Comments on “Disappearing Ink Is Cutting Edge”

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OldYeller says:

Technology = Efficiency

Gee, now all the Anderson-Enron-Worldcom types have to do is “accidentally” turn up the thermostat a couple of days before docs have to be turned over.

Yeah, yeah, they have to be baked to erase the ink, and traces are sure to be left, but can’t you just see a scene on “Law & Order” next year where the cops, warrant in hand, bust in on a roomful of frantic corporate lawyers with sensitive papers and hairdryers. 😛

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