Tough To Get Fraud Shopping Site Taken Offline

from the stays-up dept

There are a ton of scam e-commerce sites online, but what can you do if you find one? After one firm discovered that a scam online store was using their address, they complained to various authorities to get the site taken down. Six weeks later and the site is still up. The fake site apparently includes fake security certificates from VeriSign and a fake Truste seal. This brings up a different issue: these things are fairly easy to fake, but very few people ever check to see if they’re real. More concerning, however, is that the fraudulent site’s host, Yahoo!, has been informed that the site is a fraud and hasn’t taken the site down. Now, it’s good that they don’t just take down the site with no review – but it’s not hard to discover the faked VeriSign and Truste logos.

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