How Computer Makers Will Revolutionize Consumer Electronics

from the commoditization-and-compatibility dept

It’s no secret that the big computer makers are all making moves into the consumer electronics world. While many wondered what they have to offer the space, Wired Magazine has an article suggesting that they’re going to offer one very important thing: an understanding of commoditization and compatibility. While most companies – including current consumer electronics companies – focus on proprietary standards and other ways to “lock-in” users, most computer makers realize that embracing commoditization (it’s going to happen anyway) actually helps to increase the size of the overall market. Also, by adopting open standards, it increases the value of the products and lets people do more with them, without getting blocked. Thus, by embracing commoditization and compatibility, consumers should get more, cheaper gadgets that allow us to do a lot more. The computer makers realize that it lets them compete on operational efficiency and marketing ability – rather than having to focus on new product development. This doesn’t meant that new product development isn’t needed, but that the overall market place is going to be driven by the producers who can create the products at the lowest cost or backed with the best marketing.

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