FatWallet Sues Best Buy, Target And Kohl's

from the good-for-them dept

Last year at this time, we had a post about how Wal-Mart was suing discount discussion board FatWallet because someone posted their sale prices for the Thanksgiving holiday. They claimed that FatWallet had violated the DMCA because their sale prices were copyrighted. Of course, you can’t copyright facts, and FatWallet stood up for their rights to have the info posted. Wal-Mart, sensing the PR disaster, backed down. This year, though, another set of stores, including Best Buy, Target and Kohl’s threatened FatWallet with the same DMCA violation. FatWallet, realizing they’re going to be the ongoing target of pointless DMCA suits, is really fighting back with a lawsuit of their own. Instead of just standing up for their right to have their users post this info, they’re actively suing the retailers back, claiming that the DMCA filings against them constitute an abuse of the DMCA. Good for them.

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