In Search Of Amazon's Customer Service Number

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theodp writes “A deal giving Amazon the right to use the British Library’s bibliographic catalog will make it possible for you to find millions of books going back hundreds of years on Amazon’s web site. What you still will not be able to find on Amazon’s site is a customer service telephone number. That isn’t because Amazon lacks a customer service number. Rather, it’s because Amazon doesn’t want you to find it. So says Slate’s Timothy Noah, who does holiday shoppers a favor by tracking down the elusive number (1-800-201-7575) for those problems that can’t be solved without a human voice. “

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Comments on “In Search Of Amazon's Customer Service Number”

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Director Mitch (user link) says:

Wish I had it last year

I am a loyal Amazon shopper, but every once in a while I run into a snafu. Last year I had an issue with a return and searched desperately on their site for a number so I could talk to a “real” person. The issue resolved itself – eventually – after some email exchanges, but I gave up on ever talking to a real person.

This guy deserves a big thank-you, although I’m sure Amazon won’t be happy.

LittleW0lf says:

Re: Wish I had it last year

I am a loyal Amazon shopper, but every once in a while I run into a snafu. […] This guy deserves a big thank-you, although I’m sure Amazon won’t be happy.

This is exactly what turned me away from Amazon. The occasional snafu was getting quite ordinary, and there was very little recourse except through email, which usually either didn’t work or the response was too poorly worded that I’d end up ignoring the important emails while cursing the unimportant ones.

They expect that all the support answers will be solved by throwing up a webpage, but being charged twice for an order I never received (that I made!,) and then having no recourse to get the situation rectified.

In the beginning, email worked fine, but over the last year before swearing off them in June, I’d send emails (“like, the ‘where’s my stuff site says the order was shipped three weeks ago, but the shipper has no record of ever receiving the shipment?’ email.”,) and would eventually get a response from someone who would blame my credit card company for denying credit (I checked with them, they made no such denial,) or blame the shipper for failing to deliver the package, or that the package was probably stolen in transit or on my doorstep (which the shipper denied all three cases,) and wouldn’t accept the fact that they were screwing up. I didn’t care who was screwing up, I wanted my package, and all I wanted for them to do was charge me the correct amount and send it.

Then again, in light of this, I could see why they wouldn’t want the number available…too many angry phone-calls from irate customers who want Amazon to fix their errors and deliver what they promised…

Betsy Jacobson says:

Re: Amazon has pulled a bait and switch

I ordered a book on Dec. 18, ’03 & by mistake entered it 2 times. Each book was a different price so I tried to cancel the more expensive one. Finally someone called me and canceled the more expensive one and gave me the order # for the cheaper one and assured me that I would get it shortly after Xmas. I haven’t gotten it. A book store with the more expensive book has now asked me for my payment, even ‘though I’ve canceled the book. The order number on the correct book has been canceled according to the electronic phone message.

I tried to go back and start the order all over again, and, I clicked on the copy that said, $8. something, NEW, and when I went to the checkout, it said $16 something. THIS IS BAIT AND SWITCH WHICH IS AGAINST THE LAW.

Can anyone tell me how to report this to Amazon which you can’t do on line or on the phone?


Good to the last drop says:

Tell me about it

I had been trying to resolve a problem with Amazon for weeks thru email. No result. Since I couldn’t find the phoine number, email was the only way. It was clear that Amazon didn’t want it found.
The only way I found it was by disputing the purchase with the CC company. They asked me why I never called Amazon. When I told them, the CC company gave me Amazon’s phone number. Once I called, the problem was cleared up in 5 minutes.
Needless to say, I don’t buy from Amazon anymore. If they can’t be bothered to do a responsible business, I can’t be bothered to buy their books.

David (user link) says:

Re: Tell me about it

Amazon in Germany does not have a freecall-number too, just an expensive 01805 (costs about 10cents a minute which is as much as 6 times! as much as a long distance call costs here and they don?t provide a ?normal? phone-number so you have to pay those high rates – they are even getting money this way if you call them for support – a totally lack of support in Germany, but that?s unfortunately also usual here – Germany is a ?service desert? mostly) – but I?m continously looking – maybe some day they are registering a free call number in Germany as well (even if I don?t think so). Greetings David.

PS: Please don?t be angry about my english, it?s not my native language, thanks.

Denial Secarrolls says:

You are right, often when you need their support number is not found, probably they hide it because of the large flow of customers and possible calls. But I had a case when I wanted to cheat on behalf of the sellers of Amazon store, when I got a call on my mobile and asked to confirm my card details. Well I did not, and then checked the number in the database, it turned out that these are ordinary scammers. But I don’t know the real number from Amazon, and I couldn’t check it out right away.

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