House, Senate Compromise On Spam… Legalized Opt-Out Coming Soon

from the yeah,-like-that'll-work dept

While the Senate passed their version of the anti-spam bill, the House slowed the process down fighting over the details. However, a new report says the House and the Senate have reached a compromise that will likely mean we’ll have a federal anti-spam law by the end of the year (which will overrule California’s dreadful anti-spam law set to go into effect January 1st). Of course, the federal anti-spam bill has its own very serious problems – including the fact that it legalizes “opt-out”. In other words, anyone is free to email you as long as they give you the chance to opt-out. As you might imagine this opens up a loophole big enough for most spammers to drive a truck full of useless crap through.

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Comments on “House, Senate Compromise On Spam… Legalized Opt-Out Coming Soon”

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1 Comment
Karl says:

The horror.....the horror....

Horrible. Horrible.

I’ve posted something about this over at Broadband Reports as well:

Tauzin’s an industry shill, he’s essentially managed to craft legislation that’s going to legalize spam provided they adhere to simple guidelines. Makes the problem worse.

Then the stupid “Do Not Spam” idea that keeps popping up. Joe industry receives a copy of said list, so he knows who not to spam, and sells it out the back door to some mom and pop spam operation in Taiwan. Makes the problem worse.

There’s just so much pointless and stupid legislation coming out of congress these days. I wonder if we need a sort of specialized wing of congress? Lawmakers who must past a technology test if they want to propose or vote on technology legislation?

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