Good Time To Be In The Computer Security Business

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While IT spending still isn’t increasing noticeably, it turns out that a larger and larger portion of the budget is focused on security spending. In other words, security companies have done a bad enough job protecting computers that security is becoming a bigger and bigger problem – and those security companies are now profiting from it. Now, I’m sure that the security firms are doing their best to stop problems, but the incentives are still misaligned. The more security problems there are, the more the security vendors seem to make. This encourages them to be reactive, rather than proactive about security.

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Comments on “Good Time To Be In The Computer Security Business”

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Jeremiah (user link) says:

No Subject Given

Before I became an internet rock star, I tried my hand at IT Sec consulting. The issue we kept running into was liability: i.e., if your bank customer was to be made aware of security issues, then they’d *know* they had a problem, and then forced to take action. The head-in-the-sand approach is still less expensive for many companies in the long run, as security investments tend to become perpetual cost-centers on accounting worksheets.

As once put eloquently by a manager for a major west-coast telco: “I’m not going to pay you $5k to find me a $10k problem.”

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