Want To Buy The Most Expensive Movie Ticket Of Your Life?

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Right at the top of the dot com bubble, there were a new clump of startups that were focused on the idea of letting your “everyday investor” invest in early stage startups. Since everyone had become knowledgeable about how angels and VCs were investing in private companies and becoming insanely wealthy when they went public, a bunch of VCs thought they would capitalize on the average investor’s desire to be part of the “next big dot com”. Of course, plans like that make sense when every startup does well, but they fall apart quickly when the bubble pops. There’s a reason why private companies take money from certain individuals and firms and there’s a reason why it’s called “risk” capital. These investments can (and often do) disappear in an instant. So, I find it a bit amusing that Hollywood has suddenly latched onto a similar plan, and are trying to sell shares in a new “independent” movie, starring Ethan Hawke, to the public. A minimum buy will cost you nearly $1,000 and you are extremely unlikely to see a penny of that in return. The folks selling these shares aren’t looking for investors, they’re looking for suckers who want to think they’re a part of the movie business. About the most anyone who buys into this is likely to see in return is a movie – and, you can probably just wait a bit and spend a few bucks at the theater (or even less at the local video store) for that.

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Comments on “Want To Buy The Most Expensive Movie Ticket Of Your Life?”

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Mark says:

"Investing" in Hollywood

It takes more than mere stupidity to invest in an indie Hollywood production. This is, after all, the industry that’s famous for defrauding its biggest stars by claiming no profits on even the most profitable movies. You’d have to have “SUCKER” tatooed on your forehead to think that they’d make an exception for you, Mr. $1000 Investor.

Marc H. Nathan (user link) says:

Indie Movie Financing

As a venture investor, and one with a very special place in my heart for indie films, this concept really isn’t all that bad. Selling pieces of a film is a tried a true way to get it financed, but I certainly wouldn’t want to put money into a creative project that I had absolutely no control over. Even though I’ve looked at a number of film deals, and am looking a production company right now, I think that any individual outside of the industry who invests in a film should immediately write it off as a “donation to the arts”. From an outsider looking in, the film business is not a business at all – it’s a bunch of egos playing marketing and financial games with each other. Of course, the same can be said for the VC business I’m in as well.

Jon Cope (user link) says:

Re: New Movie

Dear :

We have a Brand New movie titled “Uh Oh!” It is a Comedy/Action/Adventure PG rated Family Feature Film. If you go to http://www.uhohthemvoie.com , you can view the Trailer, Synopsis and Cast.

Feel free to contact us anytime to receive a copy of the DVD and a small Poster of the movie. Attached is a copy of the Press-Kit letter.

Jon Cope Film Productions
323-571-4114 Office
Los Angeles, California


PS Unable to attach Press-Kit Letter here

Jeff (user link) says:

Movie tix

Although I agree w/ you that this case is a ripoff, it does bring up a good idea. It seems like if you could list a movie that you wanted to be made, w/ the actors of your choosing…you could post it and ideally get the financing you would need. Maybe this could be a way of eliminating the producers who keep choosing these crap ass movies. Maybe it would give the public a better way of getting a choice of what movies they want made instead of the big money making, special effect filled movies w/ boring story lines and bad acting.

d0rfussy says:

matrix investors face cypher like accounting

the original matrix film had an investment type company selling shares in it. but thanks to village enterainment “management” not only will they receive zero return on their individual 10k’s of $$, they wont get their capital back for another year or two !

this is for the original film that grossed millions $$ over several years. see a recent smh.com.au article for how dodgey / false / outright lies the (big) film industry can be. the current 2 & 3rd films cost 10x the original – where did all the money go ?? special effects dont cost that much. swiss/brazil bank accounts ??

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