The Rise Of Trust In An Always Connected World

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For years, there has been a small group of folks who talk about the importance of online trust and setting up trust metrics, but most big companies aren’t particularly thrilled about the idea of trust – which is why they tend to lock things down and piss off customers. However, trust becomes increasingly important in an “always connected” world – and many companies aren’t doing much to win the trust of their customers. The article discusses how we have a constant trade-off between being always connected and violating our privacy, and the only way to keep that balance is to build up a clear, trusting relationship. There are some good points in there that explain how trust works, but reading through the list you can see why many companies aren’t really big fans of trust. The problem is, without trust, their customers are going to go elsewhere.

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Comments on “The Rise Of Trust In An Always Connected World”

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aNonMooseCowherd says:

No Subject Given

The problem is, without trust, their customers are going to go elsewhere.

The problem is, there often isn’t anywhere else to go. You don’t like the way your credit card company treats your personal information? You don’t have much choice. Banks may be a little better, because there are more of them, but they probably all have policies that basically disclaim any responsibility for their errors.

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