How About Just Streaming TV To Your Mobile Phone

We’ve had a bunch of stories lately about new mobile phones that have built in TV tuners, but Sprint PCS is now launching a service that will let users receive streaming TV to their mobile phones over the network. At 2 frames/second (yes, 2). For $10/month. I’m reminded, again, of those portable handheld TVs that lots of people bought, and then never used, in the 80s. It seems like a good idea to carry around a TV in your pocket, but then you never really use it. And, at $10/month so that you can watch TV as a slide show instead of in anything resembling full motion, it seems unlikely that too many people will be rushing to sign up for this offering. Derek’s addendum: useful to note here that 20-30 fps is the lower limit to appear to the eye as natural motion. If customers buy this for 10 bucks, actual mobile video has a future for sure!

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