Harrah's Thinks They've Created A Legal Gambling Site

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Harrah’s Entertainment thinks they’ve figured out a way to squirm through enough loopholes to create an online gambling site that is legal in the US. The main thing is that it’s all based on games of skill, and not chance. In fact, it’s more modeled after “games-for-prizes” sites, instead of what’s traditionally thought of as gambling. The idea is that customers pay a subscription fee, and then play various games and can build up winnings. There’s no additional downside risk, as users won’t spend any more than the monthly subscription fee. Of course, that also limits the upside for Harrah’s – but I’m assuming the chance to get access to any part of the US market makes it worthwhile. Another difference is that it’s not designed to look like typical casino sites, but to have a “feminine color palette”, and include games that are more designed to attract women than men. Of course, with all these efforts to make the site legal in the US, they’re still launching it in the UK first.

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Comments on “Harrah's Thinks They've Created A Legal Gambling Site”

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alternatives says:

Game of skill you say?

Play on on-line game based on SKILL?

*dusts off C++, TCL/TK, Java*

A program and a bit of time is all you need for ‘skill’. How long before the company has people who write a program to play for them, thus allowing the ‘skill’ to be how well you can code something to ‘game’ the system in your favor?

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