The CIA And Their Fake Animals

from the a-catfish,-dragonfly-and-a-spy-walk-into-a-bar... dept

The CIA is displaying some of the spy gadgetry they’ve created over the years to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the directorate of science and technology. The display, though, isn’t actually open to the public – but, apparently they let some blabbermouth reporters in. Among the spy devices the CIA created include a number of fake animals, such as a robotic bee, dragonfly and catfish. The bee and dragonfly were designed to eavesdrop on conversations, but they could never control them very well (a small gust of wind would blow the dragonfly off course) – so they were never used. However, the realistic looking catfish, that can swim among other fish inconspicuously, is apparently useful in some manner. The CIA could probably tell you how, but then they’d have to kill you. They’re showing it, but won’t say what it was designed for. So, next time you’re out fishing, be mindful of the catfish. They may be spying on you.

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