Video Game Olympics Conclude – Germany Takes The Crown

from the good-for-them dept

For a while now, we’ve been posting stories about how video gaming is increasingly becoming like a sport. So, here’s the latest, as the World Cyber Games have concluded with Germany surpassing South Korea as the top winner of awards. Apparently approximately 600 gamers from 55 countries competed in individual and team video game competitions. South Korea had won the past two years, but this year fell to third behind Germany and Taiwan. The US came in fifth, behind the Netherlands. Of course, while it appears that such competitions are getting a little more attention, the overall prize situation doesn’t compare to most sports – as there was only a total of $350,000 to be split among all the winners. Still, it definitely looks as though many more people are viewing video games as a sport. Now, when will ESPN devote their own half-hour show to the latest video-game contests and rankings? Update: Bonus link. Found over at GMSV is this hilarious story where a gaming magazine forced a bunch of kids to play classic video games from the 70’s and 80’s and recorded what they were saying. My favorite, though, is the short response to Mattel’s handheld football game, which I still own, where the kids wonder what it has to do with football, when it seems more like “Run Away From the Dots”. Okay, now I’m feeling old. I used to play that game for hours. I was very good at running away from dots.

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Comments on “Video Game Olympics Conclude – Germany Takes The Crown”

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1 Comment
Beck says:

Mattel Football

I still have my football game too. Last year they brought it back. I saw it in Target and Wal-Mart. Seemed to sell well. I bought one for my son and my nephew. My brother promptly took it from my nephew (so he could play it himself).

I remember when Space Invaders came out. My cousin took me out driving around town looking for someplace to play. It was amazing at the time. Major bummer though when I realized that you can never win, because eventually it gets so hard you can’t possibly survive.

Before that, Pong. I used to baby sit for a family that had an Atari Pong game, I played for hours.

Ah, what memories. I’d rather have Galaga or Asteroids than these new games today.

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