Technology Job Market Opening Up?

from the what-happened-to-doom-and-gloom? dept

For months now, we’ve been hearing lots of out of work people predicting that all the tech jobs out there have moved offshore, and that all the American tech jobs are gone for good. Looks like someone forgot to tell the companies that. As the economy has started to pick up again, it appears that online job sites like and Craigslist are buzzing with activity when it comes to tech jobs. Both say that tech job listings are way up during the traditionally slow fourth quarter. Of course, it’s anecdotal, but in the last few months, just about every out-of-work techie I’ve known has found a job (some have even switched jobs twice this year). It certainly sounds like things are heading back up. There certainly are plenty of techies out of work, and the market isn’t the free swinging, quit-a-job-and-have-twenty-offers-the-next-day market it was during the boom years, but that’s probably a good thing. In somewhat related news, it looks like is getting into the whole “social networking” space, by offering a new service where members can communicate and share job leads with one another and let them network.

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Comments on “Technology Job Market Opening Up?”

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Director Mitch (user link) says:

It's Picking Up at My End

All the 40+ people at the shut-down, high-tech start-up I worked at are all working. Many of them are doing things they don’t enjoy, in industries they are not familiar with (industrial seals?) or at companies they don’t care for, but curiously enough 90% of us landed salaries at the same level or a little higher than we were making before – but it took over a year for a couple of us.

Looking from the inside of my current large tech employer, we have customers all the sudden locking in six month contracts for products that they renegotiated every 30 days just two months ago. Seems some of the big buyers are getting concerned about shortages and now don’t mind locking in six month pricing. With that sort of pricing visibility (quite a shock), we can now start budgeting expansion.

Just one data point…

I Must Be a Loser says:

No Subject Given

I don’t trust all this anecdotal evidence — for the good reason that my freelance biz dried up about a year ago and I’ve been pounding the boards ever since. I know that to survive in this economy you have to adapt and blah blah blah — but I have the distinct impression that here in New York things remain slooooooowwww. I’m thinking about relocating…

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