Wave Number Two Of RIAA Lawsuits Starts With An Invoice

from the pay-up-or-else-we-sue dept

As expected the RIAA is sending out extortion notes to the next 200 or so people they plan to sue. The difference this time is that they’re giving the people a chance to pay up first before the actual lawsuit gets filed. This may also give them the chance to weed out anyone who may be slightly embarrassing for the RIAA to sue. It still remains to be seen what will happen should any of these cases actually go to court.

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Comments on “Wave Number Two Of RIAA Lawsuits Starts With An Invoice”

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AMetamorphosis says:

Sue the RIAA

This just appears to me that the battle is being lost on the RIAA’s end. Some lawyer has told them to invoice instead of suing right away because the liability of falsely accusing someone could conceivably cost them quite a bit of money. I know that if someone got falsely accused of ” stealing ” the precious RIAA’s music and I sat on the jury I’d make damn sure the punitive damages were so exorbitant it would send a message to the RIAA that we are not going to take their gestapo tactic anymore.
After all the negative publicity the RIAA has given themselves, its bound to backfire and eventually a savvy person who has been falsely accused is going to sue the hell out of the RIAA …

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