Ubiquitous Computing Needs To Be Friendly

from the not-intrusive dept

As we get closer and closer to a world where “ubiquitous computing” is expected, it’s a little bit scary just how much it’s the clueless marketers who are drooling over it, rather than just the early adopter techies. So, here’s a good reminder from the latest Ubiquitous Computing conference that for ubiquitous computing to really take off, it needs to be “friendly” – and not intrusive. The rise of clueless marketing (which is not, as far as I’m concerned, really marketing at all), means that lazy marketers believe that bombarding people with intrusive advertising for things they clearly don’t need or want is the best way to sell their product. By now, most people should realize that all this really does is anger consumers and get them to try to shut off the spigot (note the “do not call” list and the rise of anti-spam systems). Sure, a few gullible folks will end up buying a product, but it doesn’t create a long term business – it just poisons the well.

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Comments on “Ubiquitous Computing Needs To Be Friendly”

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1 Comment
anon (user link) says:

its not so easy

here’s a more in depth piece on the creep toward total the lockdown of computing


(by an autodesk founder. high level, fairly comprehensive. lengthy)

factor in the notion of ‘balkanization’ from here: http://www.circleid.com/article/215_0_1_0_C/
(sold as interim solutions to spam, porn, copyright infringements)

now read between the lines here: http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/4/33397.html
and pretend that bill gates is misdirecting you about this: http://zdnet.com.com/2100-1104-5086853.html

by the time you’re done you should have a clearer idea about what’s been happening to the word ‘standards’ in recent years. so don’t miss:


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