RIAA Asks Court To Ignore Charter's Attempt To Protect Privacy Of Subscribers

from the shut-up-and-give-up dept

Following the news last week that Charter Communications had joined SBC in holding back information on their subscribers following RIAA subpoenas, the RIAA has filed a motion for the court to ignore Charter’s request to quash the subpoena. They point out that part of Charter’s complaint is that a single subpoena was filed with 93 separate IP addresses (Charter claims the number was 150), and that Charter says the RIAA should file separate subpoenas for each IP address. The RIAA says this shows that Charter is simply trying to create more paperwork. That might be true, but is it really that big of a task to ask an organization filing a lawsuit to file separate subpoenas for each separate person they’re looking to charge? If the RIAA were forced to actually look into each individual claim before going out and suing, maybe they wouldn’t have been so quick to wrongfully accuse people of copyright infringement.

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