Yet Another Attempt At The Video Phone

from the nice,-but-not-such-a-big-deal dept

It’s been decades since people first looked at a videophone and thought “well, that’s kind of neat, but I really don’t want people to see me as I talk to them on the phone.” However, year after year after year, we keep seeing new attempts at creating videophones. This one focuses on sending video of traditional phone lines – which was the only way it was done for many years. The article wonders if this is a mistake, since mobile phones are slowly replacing landlines altogether. This might be jumping the gun, of course, because it still remains to be seen why users will suddenly want a video phone after years of rejecting other such offerings. Besides, with the number of camera phones showing up, if (for some reason) people suddenly decide that they do want videophones, then I’m sure the mobile phone companies will be happy to provide them with exactly that.

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