Going On A Virtual Book Tour

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It’s no surprise that less well known authors are turning to the internet to help promote their books, but some are getting especially creative. Wired News has the story about authors taking part in “virtual book tours”. Instead of traveling around the country to visit bookstores, they’re hanging out on different well-known blogs. Each day, a different blog, where they’ll do an interview or completely take over posting. It’s a lot less stressful than a typical book tour, but could reach a much larger audience (depending on the blog involved). Seems like a great idea. Maybe we should do that for some books about the tech world.

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Comments on “Going On A Virtual Book Tour”

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Adam Jackson says:


For some books that might be interesting. Such as retrospectives from the dot-com days or books about things to come in the technology world. What I wouldn’t like to see is a review of O’Reily’s latest Sendmail handbook or “PHP in a Nutshell”. Slashdot has a habit of reviewing mundane books like that – let them corner that market. This is coming from a career programmer, too. Since I’ve discovered Techdirt, I’m down to once-a-week on Slashdot (and sometimes twice daily here)!

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