Not Just Nokia Phones That Explode

from the it's-an-epidemic dept

A couple months back we had a story about an exploding Nokia phone, where Nokia immediately started blaming a non-Nokia battery, and refused to take even the slightest bit of blame themselves. Now Director Mitch writes in with another link about another exploding mobile phone. I’m sure Nokia’s lawyers will be happy to hear that this one is from Kyocera. In this case, the claim the phone was “new” and that it started smoking and sizzling before exploding. Kyocera says they’re investigating the matter and that safety is of “utmost importance” to them. At least that’s a little better than Nokia’s response which was to make sure that everyone knew that they couldn’t have had anything whatsoever to do with the mishap at all. Update: Whoops. Another Nokia phone has exploded – this time with the original battery.

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