Gangsters Sign Up For Internet Access

from the a-world-wide-web-of-extortion-opportunities dept

This certainly isn’t new, but it appears that authorities are finally realizing that organized crime has seen the internet and understood its potential for profit. More and more online scams are being run by sophisticated organized crime groups – and not just teenaged hackers in their bedrooms (who, honestly, were never that good at running scams in the first place). They say that, increasingly, organized crime rings are specifically trying to recruit tech savvy programmers, and are apparently doing a good job in Eastern Europe where many of these scams originate. What isn’t said in the article, though, is that (so far) the online organized crime rings have been able to run circles around most law enforcement. The article mentions some arrests, but it has done little to slow down the scams – and many involved seem not at all worried about their chances of getting caught.

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Comments on “Gangsters Sign Up For Internet Access”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Law Enforcement Weakness Not Surprising

The technical weakness of organizations like the FBI is not surprising. Case in point: As a degreed engineer with TS clearance and years of experience in computer security, I approached a couple of FBI recruiters and expressed my interest in becoming an agent. Both told me rather bluntly that the FBI requires agents to hold degrees in either accounting or law. I couldn’t even get an application from them with an engineering degree. (It is interesting to note though that agents are appearantly not required to be smart enough to actually pass the CPA or bar exams after graduation.)

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