Mobile Marketing Is Working?

Since all of the quotes in this article are from people selling mobile marketing services you have to wonder about how accurate they are. However, they’re saying that mobile text messaging marketing is working in the US. While mobile spam has become a problem in countries outside the US, most mobile marketing (though, certainly not all) inside the country has been legit opt-in messages. And, the companies that provide these services say they’re working extremely well. They think spam won’t become a huge problem because (a) it’s in the carriers’ best interests not to allow it and (b) it costs money to send text messages – unlike email spam. That sounds good, but the evidence of mobile spam elsewhere suggests it’s not going to work out that way. Messaging like this works when the volume is kept low – but you quickly run into a problem when everyone tries to jump in at once. Mobile marketing sounds nice in theory, but in practice risks overwhelming users.

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