Babies Named After A Brand

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You may remember during the dot com boom, the Internet Underground Music Archive (IUMA) offered parents money to name their babies IUMA, and some actually took them up on the offer. A year later, a married couple tried to auction their baby’s name off to major corporations on eBay. Last year, Acclaim entertainment offered $10,000 to anyone willing to legally change their name to that of a video game character. It seems these companies are going the wrong route by paying parents to name their kids after certain brands. Many parents are naming their kids after brands for free – sometimes causing distress in the family. The mother of one of six American boys named Timberland, claims she wanted to call the boy Kevin, but her (since divorced) husband insisted the boy be called Timberland or Reebok. The article names plenty of other unfortunately named children, who are going to have hell to pay in school. There’s a Gouda, a Bologna, a Xerox and apparently Camry is an increasingly popular boys name. Please, please, please do not name your child Techdirt.

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