Wireless Devices That Connect To Whatever Network

For all the this wireless technology vs. that wireless technology debates that happen in the press, many people seem to ignore the fact that different wireless technologies are good for different types of uses. Sometimes you want ubiquitous wireless, no matter what the speed. Sometimes you want high bandwidth, even if you have to travel a bit to get it. It all depends on the application. The problem is that we’ve become too focused on what the technology is, rather than what people are going to use it for. So, the latest study from Disruptive Analysis makes a lot of sense and agrees with what we’ve been predicting for quite some time now: there will be a variety of wireless technologies out there and devices will move increasingly towards a “multimode” solution where the device will figure out what the best network is and will then connect to it on its own. The end user shouldn’t have to worry about which network they’re connecting to and how – they should just know that they have a connection and what they should expect from it.

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