When The Power Goes Out, Get Out The Generator And Power Up The Wireless Router

from the addicted? dept

Now that Washington DC experienced a power outage along with the hurricane last week they can apparently sympathize with those in the Northeast who experienced the big blackout last month. They’ve written up their own version of the NY Times articles from last month talking about how the powergrid works, and what happens when it fails. More interesting, though, is the sidebar article that went along with it, talking about how one guy, upon losing power, fired up his generator – turned on his fridge and then got his computer and wireless router running. He even put a sign on his front lawn telling others that they were free to share in his wireless internet connection whenever his generator was on. Talk about sharing. How long until we hear that he gets sued by his broadband provider for giving away his connection? The article also includes stories of others who went hunting for wireless connections at local retail outlets or at local offices that still had power (or generators running).

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