Verizon To Allow Wireline Portability

Late last week there were a series of stories appearing talking about wireline-to-wireless number portability, which many people misinterpreted to mean that wireline-to-wireless was a done deal. The fact was the FCC still hasn’t come out with a final ruling on the matter, and there are still those lying execs who claim it’s not technically possible to offer such a service. Well, now Verizon (completely embracing their chosen marketing image as the “friend to consumers” when it comes to number portability) has announced has announced that they’ll let people shift wireline numbers to wireless accounts. Of course, even that’s not a totally accurate picture, since it will only work (currently) if you’re sticking with Verizon. They say they’re working on deals with other carriers, but other carriers have been anything but welcoming when it comes to helping customers out by offering wireless number portability – no matter what the FCC is telling them to do.

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