Senate Hearings To Be Held On RIAA Lawsuits

from the gotta-investigate-more-closely dept

Probably no surprise at all, based on earlier comments from Senator Norm Coleman, but he’s arranging a set of Senate Hearings to look into the RIAA’s lawsuit happy strategy. He says he’s concerned that innocent people are being forced to settle, to avoid fighting a costly lawsuit and that the penalties for infringement are excessive. He also wonders if the DMCA has given the RIAA too much power, and whether or not their legal strategy will work to fix the industry. That last question doesn’t seem like it should be on the table, as it’s not a government concern. The other points, though, might be interesting. Of course, some other comments from the announcement about the hearings suggest that he’s looking to place the blame on file sharing applications like Kazaa, rather than to tell the industry to come up with a non-obsolete business model.

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Comments on “Senate Hearings To Be Held On RIAA Lawsuits”

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1 Comment
pheloxi says:

RIAA has no feet to stand

RIAA has no feet to stand as long as record companies do not try everything to increase sales otherways.

40% of the current CDs are illigal copies (mp3 or counterfeit) it makes me think that current CDs prices are too high! record companies do not sell according to laws of suply and demand they sell according to record company and only recording company.

RIAA should sue the record companies for neglecting the rights of artist by not doing their side of the contract!

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