Scammer Spams FBI

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One of the popular scams these days is the “phishing” scam, where the scammer spams everyone they can and tries to convince them that there was a problem with their “account” or credit card at a bank or ISP or something similar. They then try to guide them to a fake (but real looking) form to input their financial info, which then goes straight to the scammer. This scam has been getting more popular, since there are quite a few people gullible enough to fall for it. However, the danger of running a scam that involves spamming many people is you might spam the wrong guy. A woman accused of running just such a scam was caught because one of those spams went to an FBI agent specializing in computer fraud.

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Comments on “Scammer Spams FBI”

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Bryan Price says:

And another phishing expedition is gone as well...

An email telling me my AOL information had been hacked (sent to my non-AOL ISP nonetheless) directed me to, which wanted the normal CC information, , whether it was a credit or debit, your credit limit, your mother’s maiden name, your SSN, your dad’s name, the bank from which the card was from, the 1-800 number off the back of the card, the bank(s) that you made payments to the card from, your checking account number, your routing number from your checks, you current address, your previous address is less than a year, your state ID/driver’s license, and state issued. Oh, and it looked very much like an AOL page.

Anonymous Coward says:

Just Rewards

A sucker signs onto the internet every minute.
I have no sympathy for people stupid enough to fall for these scams. They are also the ones that buy penis enlargement pills, believe eating McDonald’s food is healthy & suddenly became patriotic on September 12th.

Scammers scam because the general population is stupid & obviously falls for it.

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