RIAA Sues iMesh Despite Earlier Rulings Saying File Sharing Apps Legal

from the keep-on-trying dept

Anyone beginning to think the RIAA employs way too many lawyers with too much free time on their hands? Despite a court declaring that file sharing applications are legal, the RIAA has now decided to sue iMesh, which is yet another such application. Cary Sherman’s quote about the filing shows that they still don’t realize what’s going on: “the operators of these unauthorized networks should be held accountable.” Of course, that’s not what the court said, so he seems to be in wishful-thinking land. iMesh responded by saying they’ll take the RIAA on in court and win on the merits of the case, just like the previous lawsuit.

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Comments on “RIAA Sues iMesh Despite Earlier Rulings Saying File Sharing Apps Legal”

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1 Comment
david (user link) says:


Yes – strange one, this. iMesh is almost exactly the same as Grokster – a licensee of FastTrack. Grokster won their case against RIAA et al a while back. Can’t see any reason why iMesh isn’t going to also. The real fight here is going to be between RIAA and Sharman Networks / Kazaa / FastTrack, which is yet to come to court. As Sharman have some control over the FastTrack technology (Grokster don’t, which is why they won – they can’t install a filter on FastTrack to block out copyrighted stuff), they may well lose and be told to make changes.

The only worthwhile thing to come out of the current challenge will be further precedent to the laws around file-sharing…

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