Eolas Says Microsoft Should Shut Up And Pay Up

from the legalized-extortion dept

One of the discussions surrounding the Eolas patent was about a statement from Eolas saying they wouldn’t license the patent to Microsoft at any price. Microsoft has been using this statement to show the damage that would be done if they had to make changes to the browser that would break many websites. Now, however, Eolas is changing their tune and saying of course they’ll license the patent. The article reads just like a typical organized crime extortion talk, where they basically say “this will all be easier if you shut up and pay up”. What they actually say is: “Microsoft and the Web community and consumers would be better off by Microsoft accepting the fact that this patent exists and paying for their fair use of it.” Then, they try to blame Microsoft by saying it’s “up to Microsoft” to come forward and settle. Microsoft, of course, says that’s ridiculous. They would settle if they felt the patent was valid – but they don’t, and they’re going to fight it. In the meantime, there’s increasing evidence of prior art on this patent.

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Comments on “Eolas Says Microsoft Should Shut Up And Pay Up”

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AgentOrange (user link) says:

Eolas patent

While I don’t particularly like that tactic being used by Eolas, iI find it rather Ironic, given their stance on the whole SCO Group Vs. Linux issue. Seems they do only what is going to help themselves when it comes to “IP”. They might have been more believeable if they weren’t openly funding an attack on GNU/Linux. I don’t like the Eolas patent, but then I don’t particularly like blanket patents. I think Microsoft brought this on themselves by their own vocal and rabid funding of FUD. Now they reap the rewards of those actions.They should have learned to act better. Who iis going to side with the boys who cried wolf?

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