Mobile Phones That Go Beep In The Night

from the ouch dept

A very amusing (though, not if you lived it) recap of someone who now hates his Motorola phone after having it wake him up in the middle of the night with a warning beep that the battery was dying. Apparently, the phone is set to make that warning beep every 4 minutes. The owner of the phone has no clue where the phone is, and has to gradually triangulate the phone’s location in four minute intervals when all he wants to do is go back to sleep. It’s these sorts of features that sound good on paper, but aren’t always that carefully thought through.

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Comments on “Mobile Phones That Go Beep In The Night”

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lor says:

hate that too

but honestly can t get that mad because it s one of the various things one can hate about a motorola like, took them 2 years to substitute a defected telephone with one costing less (the previous was out of production).Then, after just one week battery life halved and six months on the exterior is so deteriorated that looks like a toy plastic phone. Having had one of the first tacs model (the one with the handle weighing some 5 kilos) and the classic microtac, wonder how they got to this point.

AMetamorphosis says:

How to find a phone ...

As an avid Motorola user I can tell you that this feature can be turned off … just as the flashing light ( saves battery ).

And what an idiot … he didn’t have to ” triangulate ” every 4 minutes.
If the doofus would have just dialed his cell phone he would have found it faster …

I know every time I lose my phone ( @ least once a week ) … this is how I locate it.

Munich says:

Re: Re: How to find a phone ...

This is exactly what I thought when I read the article, so the canyon thing makes sense.

Haven’t we all had this happen to us before with various devices? And there are so many gadgets that beep when running low, sometimes I don’t know WHICH device is doing the beeping. On time there was this annoying beeping coming from SOMETHING and I had to triangulate it down to my wife’s Blackberry – annoying as hell.

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