Nigerian Scammers Following Up Spam With Telemarketing Calls

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Sick of having Nigerian princesses offering you millions over email? They might start telemarketing you as well. Admittedly, there’s only a single data point, but is reporting the story of one man who says he started receiving anxious phone calls from Nigerian 419 scammers trying to follow up on their emails. I imagine they won’t pay much attention to the “Do Not Call” list in the US either. Anyway, it sounds to me like they’re getting more desperate, if they’re resorting to phone calls. I’d always wondered how they could possibly keep this scam going. I get at least five such emails a day, and at some point the scam really is going to have hit just about everyone. So, the fact that they’re shifting to more direct contact (and which they can’t do in quite the same bulk) suggests the old methods aren’t working quite as well any more.

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Comments on “Nigerian Scammers Following Up Spam With Telemarketing Calls”

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Bob Bechtel says:

Scam within a scam

Nah, what happened was that the Nigerians bought a “get rich quick” scheme from a shady character. The scheme describes how to get started and gives a sample letter and a 1-800 number (or the equivalent in Nigeria) to use for faxing. However, the 800 number switches over immediately to a multi-dollar per minute line making the shady character a bunch of money. Well, I can dream, can’t I?

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