Lamo Said To Have Run Up $300,000 Charge At The NY Times

from the aha dept

In all the articles about Adrian Lamo, they’ve always claimed that he does no damage in the systems he cracks. That’s why many people were afraid that he would be getting punished well beyond what was deserved when it was announced last week that the FBI was looking for him in connection with his hack into the NY Times. Now, is it any surprise that it’s the NY Times breaking the story (aren’t they a bit biased on this story?) that Lamo did more than just poke around their system? They’re saying that he also happened to ring up $300,000 in database research charges on Lexis-Nexis – which explains why they’re a bit angrier with him than many other companies appeared to be. No matter what, it appears that the case just got less interesting. If it comes out that he did actually ring up these charges, then he clearly deserves some punishment. Still, it will be interesting to see just how much punishment he gets.

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