Wireless Handset Must Have Features

The fine folks at the Zelos Group have done a study on what features mobile phone users look for in buying a phone. The two biggest features they’re looking for are photo messaging and push-to-talk. I’ll be honest, while the photo messaging part is no surprise, I’m shocked about push-to-talk. I still think that most people either have no clue what push-to-talk is, or have very little interest in it, outside of a small group of users. However, Zelos says this study disproves that belief and suggests people really want push-to-talk. I still want to know more about how this study was conducted, how the questions were asked, and how “push-to-talk” was explained. Also, the study found that Bluetooth was last on the list of “features” people wanted. I think this, too, is misleading. They never should have asked if people wanted “Bluetooth”. Bluetooth is the technology, but does not describe the feature. They should have asked whether or not people wanted local wireless connectivity for things like earpieces or other local area connections, and seen whether the results were different (as I’m guessing they would be).

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