David Bowie Launches Album With Live Show At Your Local Theater

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For all the talk of how downloading movies and music are killing the entertainment industry, it appears that more and more artists are experimenting with different ways of providing the entertainment “experience”. David Bowie has been known to embrace technology innovation before, so it’s not a huge surprise to hear that as he’s launching his latest album, he’s also performing a live concert that will be digitally broadcast to movie theaters around the world. Yet another reminder to the industry folks that going to the theater is a social entertainment experience. Even better, this one will be interactive – where people viewing the live concert will also be able to request songs. Whether he specifically realizes it or not, Bowie is offering his fans a full entertainment experience – and not just some songs. The industry lawyers don’t seem to think that’s possible, and insist that there’s simply no way to make money off of the experience, and they need to lock up the songs (and anyone who dares hear one without paying).

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