When (Fake) Internet Celebrities Die

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As more and more people get online, there are an increasing number of “internet celebrities” – though, not all of them are real. Despite the attention they get online, they don’t get quite the same response when they pass on. Of course, the article linked to here is discussing an “online celebrity” that was a fake – and was simply “killed off” because the guy running the site (a film review site) wanted to concentrate on other things. I don’t think anything said in the article should come as a huge surprise. Internet celebrities are famous within certain circles and mourned within those circles. Expecting a fake film reviewer to receive more widespread attention simply for giving up on writing reviews doesn’t seem like quite that big of a deal unless you were a big fan of that reviewer.

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Comments on “When (Fake) Internet Celebrities Die”

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AMetamorphosis says:

Cyber-Cide ...

When I chose to ” kill off a character ” ( screen name ) that I had been on line for years … I committed Cyber-cide and did it in front of 22 other Aohell chatroom addicts … ( like I had been ) … — Thats why I decided to commit it in the first place.
Occasionally … I come back as the ghost of my former self and it’s not only enjoyable, but a once a year thing similar to Halloween.
Cyber-cide is necessary if one is to grow … hence the screen name Du’ jour …

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