School Internet Filters Give False Sense Of Security

from the more-evidence dept

As if there weren’t enough reasons why putting internet filters in schools was a bad idea here’s another one. While pointing out the problems of both false negatives (letting through content that is supposed to be blocked) and false positives (blocking content that should be allowed), internet filters create a false sense of security. Parents and teachers assume that if they have a filter in place, then everything is good. They don’t teach the kids how to deal with real world issues – but the kids still come across plenty of content they may not be prepared to see. For all the talk about how families are supposed to be playing a bigger role in raising their children, isn’t it a bit odd that we’re then forcing schools and libraries to give up that ability to a software program?

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Comments on “School Internet Filters Give False Sense Of Security”

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Dani says:

Re: No Subject Given

um, great, can u help me get around mine then, cause this school has websense, and they are absolute freaks, and we can’t get on mail sites (yahoo, hotmail, aol) or instant message, which is a problem for me, as I no longer have internet at home cause sbc screws up all the time, and I stay at after school till 6. how do i get aim express even??it just doesn’t work! Hell, I got past the filters on aim at the library when i was able to go on the weekends which was relatively easy, but not at my school.this really sucks.please help!

Jimmy says:

Re: No Subject Given

I would really like to get past my ckool filter on my laptop.Cos its really fast for downloading tunes.Also it is really stupid cos they block eduacational sites aswell.The problem is that i am a boarder here.So i can never use this at home either.Is a proxy the only way we can do this.

Jake says:


ok so at school when im doing my laptop classes whenever i plug into the network for internet access websense starts on my comp. i went to to learn about the program. it runs from the master computer on the network and blocks any sites that it is told to, stops all peer to peer networking programs such as aim or winmx or kazaa, and etc. It is very annoying. If anyone knows anyway to get around it or stop it from activating itself on my computer when i plug into the network please write me an email. thanks.

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