Danger Goes Java

Well, look at that. Danger has done what people have been suggesting for quite some time: it’s making its software Java compliant and licensing J2ME (if I remember correctly it was already sort of using Java – but not J2ME). The idea is that regular Java developers will be able to offer their software on the Danger Hiptop. My huge complaint with the Danger device (and the reason I’ve been half-shopping around for an alternative) is the fact that the device is completely closed. I still keep a Palm device around because I’m stuck on some of the software applications developed for it. I’m not tied to the Danger device in any way, because T-Mobile has made it so that they control all the software, instead of letting the owner of the device control the software. So the question remains: once Java developers can offer their apps on the Danger device, will T-Mobile actually let anyone put them on the device?

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