Friendster Finds New Friends With Big Names And Deep Pockets

from the but-where's-the-business-model? dept

Are we reaching a bubble in the “social software” space? Friendster is getting press coverage today because they somehow convinced three successful and famous dot com veterans to dump over $1 million into the site that still doesn’t know how it’s going to make any money. I still think that Friendster is a fad that will go the way of before too long. It’s clear, though, that others disagree. Still, I do get worried when all of the hype about a company focuses on who’s involved and not what the business model is. There’s too much “we’ll get back to that later”. Already, there’s been quite a lot of Friendster backlash. That doesn’t mean they won’t eventually figure out a business model that works – but so far there’s not much more than hype.

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Comments on “Friendster Finds New Friends With Big Names And Deep Pockets”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: Tired of Friendster?

Actually, I played around with Tribe briefly and thought: “Man, this looks exactly like Friendster. Do I really want to bring in all the friends I set up through Friendster into this? Then what will I do when the next one comes along and I have to build yet another profile and drag all of my friends into that system too.”

Nope. Not worth it.

mark pincus (user link) says:

Re: Re: Tired of Friendster?

actually, my hope is that all the social maps can be connected so that users wont have to reinvest. you should own your own profile regardless of where it’s hosted. i’d be happy to see friendster and eventually yahoo and possibly typepad and blogger host all the profiles; so long as they’re ‘open’ to 3rd party applications on a level playing field where users can choose services they want.

tribe is interested in becoming the most useful person-2-person listings marketplace. we need a people web in order for that to occur.

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