Build Your Own Drive-In Movie Theater

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Larry Magid is explaining how he built his own (temporary) drive-in movie theater at his house the other night, using a laptop with a DVD player, a projector and a sheet hung over the garage (later replaced by a neighbor’s screen). He recommends that people who work in offices that have such a projector “borrow” one for the night every once in a while and set up a similar system. He says it worked great, and stirred up plenty of interest from the neighbors (one family even stayed on their own property across the street and watched). He even answers the question I had through the entire article: is this legal? It would seem to violate the FBI warning of putting on a public showing of the movie. He says Warner Brother’s legal department said it was okay, if it was just his family and his normal circle of acquaintances. However, he also admits that plenty of folks driving down the street stopped to pay attention, so it might be a fine line. Either way, sounds like a fun way to have a movie night. Anyone got a spare projector?

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Comments on “Build Your Own Drive-In Movie Theater”

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Damron (profile) says:

Building/buying a driving and bringing it back to life!

I from my childhood have always wanted to own,operate and or bring one back to life that has been sitting vacant for so long.Dinosours need life too!

I’m in Indiana and where I am located at,at one point we had 2 drive-ins in our area operating;It would be grand to have the one that is still partially standing up and running again…[] Does anyone have ANY helpful ideas on what to do,who to approach for support? ANYTHING!!

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