Ah, Remember All These Silly Internet Fads

from the bringing-back-memories dept

Well, you can tell that the whole Flashmob thing has gone from fad to has been in record time since even USA Today is declaring it pass?. They’re also comparing it to another of other overhyped internet fads of years past – including the Hamster Dance and Mahir “I Kiss You!” Cagri. There are probably a hundred more you can come up with (cyber-begging being one of my favorites). Anyone taking bets on what the next one is?

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Comments on “Ah, Remember All These Silly Internet Fads”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

next has-beens


sco (it will have to change its name)

pathetically badly-run game servers, funded by no money and operated by gorilla companies that resist any community assistance, going so far as to sue reverse-engineered server developers on shaky grounds. Oh, I guess that’s just one company.

the idea that the MS suit was anything like fair and curbing.

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