Geeks In New Zealand Get Their Own Domain

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While folks in the US are still arguing over whether or not porn sites should get their own .xxx domain, folks in New Zealand seem a little more open to adding various domains. Now, they all still end with a .nz, but they’ve just added an apparently quite popular option for those who want to use that for their domain. This brings up the question that gets asked over and over again: why are we limited to just a few top level domains? Why can’t we expand them without going through a long, drawn out and often useless process by ICANN before each additional TLD gets approved?

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Comments on “Geeks In New Zealand Get Their Own Domain”

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LittleW0lf says:

Ah, the geekdom...

Chickens everywhere tremble as once unknown and under-rated circus-performers in New Zeland get their own domain names….

I personally cannot stand the “Geek” attribute, and cringe everytime someone calls me a computer geek. Even with its negative connotations, “Nerd” is far more appealing to me (after all, I have a candy named after me!)

At least nerd, in its former life, defined what a nerd in its current form defines (though a little less perjorative.) Geek, in its former life, was used to describe a circus performer who bit the heads of chickens off for the audiences’ enjoyment. And I certainly wouldn’t say I was foolish, inept, or clumsy (except maybe socially…which fits a nerd just as well as a geek.)

Doug says:

TLDs are pointless

why are we limited to just a few top level domains?

Please, NO! We need to get rid of TLDs, not proliferate them.

I don’t think that it was ever intended that we would have both and Much less,,,, and all the rest.

Adding new TLDs doesn’t increase the number of domain names available. It just increases the revenue for domain registrars, since each company has to register its name in all TLDs.

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